Elopement versus the "Big Wedding"

Wedding planning has taken quite a turn in the last few months, one of the biggest decisions being to hold a smaller wedding (elopement) or postpone/cancel the big wedding. One way to look at an elopement, is to view it as a way to preserve your original wedding date on a much smaller scale, with the option to still hold the big wedding the next year (or on a milestone to celebrate!)

What does that mean for photography? Capturing the moments on your special day is important, even if you are not able to go through with your dream wedding. Maybe you'll want to skip on the getting ready photos, but still want artful images of your dress, bouquet and shoes instead. The focus should be on what you want. Your photographer should supply you with an options list to ensure every shot you want is captured.

Photography aspects to consider: getting ready, bride, groom, wedding party, ceremony, couples shots, family photos, ceremony, and reception details. Take the time to think about what you would like to have captured.

Deserving Image Photography offers multiple weddings packages and a customizable selection to suit every budget and client needs.

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