Why is natural posing better than traditional posing?

As I have worked on and honed my photography and posing style, I have learned many things about posing and what works for my clients and the awkward poses to avoid. Looking over my portfolio, the portraits I am most proud of have a more natural feel to them. A goal for all photographers is to capture our clients in a way that makes them look and feel their best! Natural posing versus "stiff" traditional posing allows us to do just that!

So what is the draw to natural posing? Natural posing captures the truest "you" and gives the client the opportunity to express themselves, versus looking uncomfortable in a pose that is unnatural to them. This is not to say I don't recommend sitting up straight and creating flattering lines with your posture, but make sure you move your body in a way that is comfortable and relaxing for you!

When you book a session with me, this is something we will discuss and plan ahead of time. Pictures are priceless memories for generations to come, so we want to be sure to create long lasting, flattering images of you and your family, no matter the occasion.

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